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Brainspotting is a powerful and effective therapy that helps individuals to process and release stored traumatic and distressing experiences that may be affecting their current emotional well-being. My online sessions are available in English, German and Hungarian.

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a form of body-oriented therapy

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting, developed by Dr. David Grand in 2003, is a form of body-oriented therapy that brings psychological effects. The basic idea behind Brainspotting is that the location where one focuses their gaze can affect their emotional state. By identifying a specific “brainspot” (i.e. a point in space where a person’s gaze is directed when experiencing a distressing thought, emotion, or bodily sensation), a connection is established between the mind and body, which allows for an integrated recovery.

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I am a psychologist with an integrative approach and 15 years of experience, aiming to tackle the present consequences of the past with a technique that is both neurobiological and spiritual.

During my professional years I’ve learned and practiced various forms of therapies and I came to deeply believe in the power of awareness.  I have also come to respect the courage and appreciate the strength it takes to question and correct decade-old, even trans-generational patterns, especially, if they are wired into the autonomic nervous system. I am deeply dedicated to help people regain control of their full life potential by overcoming maladaptive survival responses.

In my work as a psychologist, I aim to make the world a better place by making the individual feel better. Non-judgmental attitude, equality, clear communication and confidentiality are essential in my work with clients.

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Brainspotting was elusive ... [kisebb typo]

Brainspotting was elusive to me at first. Why am I sitting here? What is going to happen? Am I even doing it right? Then something changed. Answers to vague questions popped up spontaneously, naturally, out of thin air. Painful, agonizing feelings melted away in seconds. Energy boosts flushed in to carry me further. It was like entering another life. After an incredibly bad period, I have the energy, creativity, and motivation to do things again. My life is changing.

What I like about Brainspotting ... [kisebb typo]

What I like about Brainspotting is that I don't have to talk. It is often difficult for me to describe what is going on. And with this method, bad and distressing feelings dissolve in me in a way that I can't really explain. The cycles just keep going on and on and I'm getting better and better, while everything around me is getting clearer. Even my hearing and vision are getting sharper. 🙂

Christmas lights ... [kisebb typo]

My experience with Brainspotting is similar to an old string of Christmas lights coming out of the box tangled up unusably, but when I take it to a session, after each session I come out with smaller and fewer knots. After a while, it completely unravels and shines better than when it was new. This is roughly how Brainspotting affects my feelings, thoughts, and life. There are times when I have no idea what happened or how it happened, but the tangles are resolved! Thank you for the experience!

Beating the bush ...

I find Brainspotting helpful because it takes me directly into the uncomfortable emotions I am prone to avoid. If I just talk, it is often not enough, because it is just beating around the bush intellectually, not bringing any resolution.

Can lift burdens ...

A single session can lift burdens from me which I thought I should carry forever. One of the most effective methods I have come across so far. An exciting inner journey that cannot be compared to anything else. I can only recommend it!

Smooth World ...

I like this technique because the world always becomes smooth at the end of the session. Afterwards, I feel relaxed and stable for days, even weeks. It's invigorating.


Blog Posts

Why use Brainspotting for traumatic material?

Why use Brainspotting for traumatic material?

Traumatic experiences are overwhelming, beyond the brain's processing capacity and become compartmentalized. These "trauma capsules" (term by Robert Scaer) take up energy and hinder homeostatic functioning physiologically and trigger maladaptive responses...

What does a Brainspotting session look like? A Step-by-step guide.

What does a Brainspotting session look like? A Step-by-step guide.

Here's a step-by-step guide to what a typical Brainspotting session might look like: Introduction and explanation: The therapist will begin the session by explaining the basics of Brainspotting to the client. This may include a brief overview of the theory behind the...

What are the differences between Brainspotting and talk therapy?

What are the differences between Brainspotting and talk therapy?

Talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy or counseling, is a form of treatment that involves talking with a mental health professional to address psychological or emotional issues. It is one of the most common forms of therapy and has been used for decades to help...

What are the possible benefits of Brainspotting?

What are the possible benefits of Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in the following areas. 1. Brainspotting reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD Research has shown that Brainspotting can be particularly effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD, as it provides...